Marah vanBeekom is a vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY.  She originally hails from the south and scatters traces of its ghostly charm as she roams the metropolis.   Her love of theatre and music began at an early age, with her first favorite record, "West Side Story," igniting a fascination with New York City.  

Equally at home performing in such varied genres as rock, opera, and cabaret/theatre, her debut EP Fits & Fables is an acoustic release inspired by her southern gothic roots.  Several compositions from "Fits & Fables," were premiered in the New York Musical Theatre Festival's (NYMF) production of Trailblazers.  Fits & Fables is a dark musical dream that weaves romance, revenge, and betrayal into a series of musical vignettes.  She describes the songwriting process of Fits & Fables: "Many songs came to me in 'fits and starts' and some from nightmares, so I used songwriting and story telling in order to explore the emotions and dreams and to give them a home. I also wanted to write music that could cross genres without fitting into a particular era.  I strive to cultivate a retro style that is forward thinking without being contemporary."

Her musical influences include artists Melora Creager of Rasputina, Kathleen Hanna, Tori Amos, and Nancy Sinatra and her music evokes their narrative and musical themes into an original style all her own.

A lover of both the arts and sciences,

Marah is a board-certified music therapist with an BA in both Music and Sociology, an MA in Music Therapy and a MS in Speech-Language Pathology.  She has trained with leading clinicians in the New York Metropolitan area and was staff music therapist at The Institute for Music & Neurologic Function for several years under the direction of Dr. Concetta Tomaino and the guidance of Benedikte Scheiby.   

Her undergraduate years were spent in the tutelage of Charlotte Regni, a classical vocalist, who debuted many avant garde classical art songs during the 1960's.  Marah's vocal range spans from contralto to coloratura, and she continues her studies with NYC based instructors.

Besides writing and performing music, Marah enjoys running through hidden forests and across the windswept plains with her daughter and watching  the clouds roll by with her husband and muse, the talented artist Karel vanBeekom, without whose help and inspiration none of this music would exist.

Vocalist, Actress, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Music Therapist
Marah vanBeekom